• Feasibility test and dike improvement for Rhine and IJssel Water Board
    Dike improvement Twentekanaal

In March 2018, we were asked to perform a feasibility test by the Rhine and IJssel Water Board. This test was carried out in connection with a planned dike upgrade along the Twentekanaal between Zutphen and Gorssel.


This test involved the insertion of 50 m of geotextile at a test location near the dike upgrade site, to establish that the sand-proof geotextile could be successfully processed on location. The soil structure of the test site is similar to the specific stretch of the Twentekanaal that may be upgraded with the aid of geotextile. The geotextile barrier was monitored in real time. This ensured continuous control over the supply of sand and clay and allowed us to fine-tune the machine’s operational speed.


After a successful feasibility test, Piping Control was an eligible contractor for the insertion of 1,200 metres of geotextile along the Twentekanaal embankment.

The Twentekanaal dike upgrade project involves the reinforcement of a total of 1,900 metres of dikes to the north and south of the Twentekanaal. This dike upgrade is necessary to guarantee the safety of the area. Research shows that in their present form, these stretches of dike do not entirely satisfy the new standards. More information can be found at the website of Water Board Rijn en IJssel.

Presentation video dike improvement Twentekanaal by Piping Control

Rhine and IJssel Water Board presented the dike improvement project in a video, watch it here:

Presentatievideo project Dijkverbetering Twentekanaal