• Sustainable solutions for safe dikes and dry feet
    Inserting geotextile along a dike’s landside slope is a relatively simple, quick and sustainable solution for piping.
  • Innovative method for inserting geotextile in dikes
    Piping Control can install a vertical geotextile barrier in the inner berm of the dike in a single operation. While this geotextile is permeable for water, it does not let through grains of sand. As a result, the ‘pipe’ developing under the landside slope is actually stopped in its tracks by the geotextile barrier.
  • Precise position, full control of the process
    In a single, seamless operation, our machine, which was developed in-house, feeds the geotextile and unfolds it below the surface. After this, the geotextile is immediately filled along both sides with the same sand and clay mixture found in the original soil.
  • Piping is a major failure mechanism in dikes. Conventional methods to counteract this issue – the construction of auxiliary berms, sheet piling or diaphragm walls, for example – have a huge financial and spatial impact.

More information about the failure mechanism piping

    • Almost 60% of the dikes do not comply
    • Research by six water boards shows that approximately 540 km of the over 940 km of dyke under investigation probably do not meet the new calculation rules for piping.

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