• Development location in partnership with Stichting Flood control IJkdijk
    LiveDijk Willemspolder

The effectiveness of vertical sand-proof geotextile as a measure to prevent piping has been established in a test environment. Nevertheless, it is important – particularly for the Rivierenland Water Board – to also test this application in practice. That is why we also inserted geotextile in the LiveDijk Willemspolder by order of the Rivierenland Water Board. This project comes out of a partnership between the water board and Stichting FloodControl IJkdijk.


The Willemspolder is bordered by a low-water dike where local water levels are often higher than at the high-water or winter dike. In practice, this area yields more useful readings than an area that only has high water levels once or twice a year.

We have used a different type of geotextile at this location: a non-woven variant, to be precise. It incorporates cables that can be used to measure the tensile forces across the geotextile. All changes to the fabric – sagging in a specific section, for instance – are immediately recorded.